Unit 3 – Life Science Track

Unit 3 – Life Science Track – Turtle Movement, Hatching, and Sequencing Events

Week Objective: Improve student coding and computational modeling skills to the point where they are ready to tackle a real life problem – Cell Division.

NGSS Focus Standard: HS LS 1.4 Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and maintaining complex organisms.

Computer Science Focus Standard: CT 8. Use modeling and simulation to represent and understand natural phenomena.

CTE Focus Standard: D1.1 Develop information technology-based strategies and project plans to solve specific problems.


Lesson 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 – 3 day activity

Students will complete the Cell Mitosis Stop Motion Lab Activity outlined in the documents below.

Mitosis Modeling Instructor Planning

Mitosis Modeling Pre-Lab (with Sample Student Responses)

Mitosis Modeling Inquiry Lab

Sample Video:


Lesson 3.2

Objective: Students will modify the code in this model below so that 3 additional butterflies hatch from the first, the butterflies set their heading and move towards the flowers, then eat the flowers, and return to the center. Students will need to make use of a variety of keywords. You might consider making a list of keywords on the board from the answer key provided below.

Please note that this won’t work well on NetLogo Web due to the wait command not functioning. I’ll work on a solution and update.

NetLogo File (zipped): Life Science Activity 3.2

NetLogo Web: Life Science Activity 3.2

Answer Key (zipped): Life Science Activity 3.2 Key

Answer Key NetLogo Web: Life Science Activity 3.2 Key


Unit 3 Project – Modeling Mitosis with NetLogo

Students will create a Mitosis animation using NetLogo.



CCM Logo Animated