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The video below demonstrates the use of behavior space. You can download the modified Fire program here. The website describing the use of Histograms with Microsoft Excel can be found here.


Behavior Space setup. Notice that I needed to modify the Fire program slightly so that at the conclusion of each run (right before stop), the variable %burned is updated with the amount of forest that’s burned. Behavior Space will record this value for each of the 100 runs.


Creating a Histogram in Excel isn’t exactly easy. I referred to this link and went to (1) File -> Options in Excel, went to (2) AddOns, then added the (3) Analysis Toolpack. Once you do this step once, you don’t ever have to do it again.


Now that I have he Data Analysis Toolpack added, creating a Histogram isn’t too bad. In the (1) Data ribbon of Excel I selected (2) Data Analysis -> (3) Histogram, bringing up the window shown.

Notice when setting up my Histogram I have selected the input range by clicking the (4) button and (5) highlighting my data. I also had to select the (6) Bin Range which means the width of each column on my histogram (ex. 0, 5, 10, 20, and so forth). I typed these bin values in (7) myself and selected them. I also selected (8) Labels and (9) Chart Output.


Here is the end product! You can download the excel file here to check it out yourself.



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