Content Instruction

This section of STEMccm contains NGSS, CCSS-M, Statistics, and STEM lessons built by teachers.

NGSS Aligned Lessons – 5-E Lessons created by teachers.

CCSS-M Aligned Lessons – 5-E Lessons created by teachers.

Statistical Tools – Short teacher refreshers and activities using Statistical concepts and skills.

STEM Activities – Classroom activities incorporating STEM skills.

STEMccm Models Library – A library of models without associated lessons.

Other Modeling Tools – A library of useful modeling resources.

Each 5-E Lesson includes a lesson plan (template can be found here) as well as any needed handouts, powerpoints, videos, or other resources. The lessons are organized by performance expectation to help teachers locate resources quickly. Please note that some lessons cover many standards – possibly across content areas. As a result, some lessons can be found in several places.

In addition to lessons aligned to performance expectations, we have included a short “crash course” in Statistics which incorporates modeling and NetLogo. NGSS and CCSS-M both place a new emphasis on Statistics and we felt that a refresher in each concept would help teachers become more familiar and confident with the content.

We have also added a variety of STEM activities you might consider incorporating into your courses. Feel free to contact us with additional activities you’d like to see showcased.

Please check back often as STEMccm continues to grow and develop these resources!


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