About STEMccm


The Vision of STEMccm

STEMccm is a collaboration between scientists, researchers, teachers, and students to bring computational modeling into the classroom. Vic Castillo must be credited with the vision of this program. His background and ongoing work in computational modeling and computer science led him to work with students – teaching them how to build their own models to solve problems using NetLogo. His experience with students impressed upon him two things. First, very little modeling was being taught in classrooms. Second, students are able to code computational models. His vision was a series of workshops, lead by teachers to train teacher participants how to effectively bring computer modeling into their classrooms.


The original team:

Vic Castillo, Dick Farnsworth, Richard Newton, Rodger Johnson, and Dean Reese

Together with Dick Farnsworth, Vic recruited Dean Reese, Rodger Johnson, and Richard Newton – three high school science and math teachers – and introduced them to his vision and to NetLogo in 2012. Over the course of the following school year, the team brought NetLogo into their classrooms and built a ten day workshop sequence that introduces teacher participants to computational modeling, NetLogo, and coding.



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